1. What is the layer of powder on my Illuminations and Lumens hard candies?

  • We apply 100% pure cornstarch to our Illuminations and Lumens before packaging to reduce moisture and sticking.
  • Cornstarch eventually dissolves into our candy and is tasteless. 

2. Do you sell to the public?

  • We do not sell to the public!
  • We sell wholesale to licensed I502 Washington State retailers only, you may find a list of retailers that carry our products on our locations page.

3. Do you produce strain specific infused edibles?

  • We only sell strain specific infused edibles Sativa/Indica/Hybrid/CBD
  • The strain information will be labeled on the back of all our products along with the selected growers name.
  • Due to the high demand of our selected growers' yield our in house extractions will vary from batch to batch.

4. Are all your products vegan friendly?

  • All of our products are vegan friendly with the exclusion of
  1. Milk BON BOMBS
  2. Caramel BON BOMBS
  3. Classic BON BOMBS
  5. Mint BON BOMBS
  6. The Famous MELTAWAYS Truffles
  • Lush soft Jellies, Illuminations, Lumens, Dark Chocolate & Dark Raspberry are vegan friendly.